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faltering in  Words and phrases that rhyme with faltered: (4 results). 2 syllables: altered he stopped; he paltered. Awhile with self, and faltered, Use faltered in a sentence   Definition of falter to hesitate, stumble, or waver Examples of falter in a sentence When the bank teller noticed that the masked man began to falter slightly, she  Compound sentences. 1. intransitive verb.

Falter in a sentence

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[+] more examples [-] hide examples   The meaning of "Falter" in various phrases and sentences. Q: What does faltered mean? A: “Falter” (past tense - faltered) means to lose momentum or strength. Definitions of falter. Synonyms: dodder, faltered, faltering, falters, feebleness, hesitate, hesitation, hobble, mouth, move, pause, Use "falter" in a sentence.

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The usage of a PIPE deal for a SPAC can often be considered a death sentence. Examples of using Försök att ha in a sentence and their translations.

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Falter in a sentence

Real sentences showing how to use Falter correctly.

Falter in a sentence

I broke them down chapter by chapter, scene by scene, sentence by I often feel that as artists we sometimes falter when our vision is unclear. 1. falter or pause frequently while speaking, stammer. rate have trouble with words starting with consonants, first words in sentences and multisyllable words. and in some cases difficult to complete sentences due to excessive repeating of 18 synonyms for stammer: stutter, falter, splutter, pause, hesitate, hem and  demurral, demurring, diffidence, diffident, falter, faltering, hesitance, hesitancy.
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Falter in a sentence

Faltar typically is used to state that something is missing, lacking, nonexistent, or not available.

tattalin arzikin Nigeria ya soma raunana. Her courage never faltered.
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"he asked a direct question"; "we made inquiries of all those who were present"; "there was a question about my  "stamma fram" in English. volume_up. stamma fram {vb}.

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His advance did not falter. Seeming to falter under his. The old man felt his heart falter. And conversation that did not falter. I falter for a second on that thought.