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in a picture or photograph that seem nearest to you and form its main part: In the foreground of the painting is a horse and cart. In the foreground was a large house of two stories and no architecture whatever, although the roof was mercifully flat. The foreground contains the applications the user is working on, and the background contains the applications that are behind the scenes, such as certain operating system functions, printing a The foreground is the opposite of the background, which is the part of a photograph, painting, or scene that's farthest away from you. Some photographers tend to focus sharply on the foreground while letting the rest of the picture go blurry. ‘This removes the foreground from view and treats the landscape as a panoramic vista rather than a visual extension of the interior space.’ ‘The pronounced distortions of the cobbled street and the seller of musical instruments in the foreground of this picture have provoked critics into a series of conjectures about how it was painted and originally displayed.’ The foreground contains the applications the user is working on, and the background contains the applications that are behind the scenes, such as certain operating system functions, printing a In a photograph, the foreground is the portion of the frame that is closest to the camera. The foreground space in an image can be utilized to draw attention to a subject located further into the frame, for example with leading lines, or it can be used to frame the subject.

Foreground meaning

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2. singular noun [oft in/to N] to be regarded as important and receive a lot of attention Education has been very much in the foreground recently. → foreground Examples from the Corpus be in the foreground • Spike happens to be in the foreground of this shot. • The fly wheel, drive worm and wheel are in the foreground.

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Foreground meaning

A person posing in a picture in front of the Tower of London is an example of someone who is in the foreground. 2021-03-25 · 1.

Foreground meaning

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Foreground meaning

foreground['fɔ:ɡraud] · 1. Here's some algae in the foreground هنا بعض الطحالب في المقدمة · 2.

“Foreground Technical Information” means. Technical “Government Purposes” means use by or.
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Courtesy of Ota Fine Arts, Tokyo/Singapore, Victoria Miro  modes were used to realize meanings in five categories: create representative meaning; visualize phenomena and assignments; foreground important areas;  inferred from the meaning of bara in standard use, and how the quotative function In the following extract, there are five examples of ba used as a foreground-. 28 jan. 2020 — A birch and tree pollen allergy pill has been approved by the Swedish Medical Products Agency, meaning allergy sufferers can avoid taking  seem to bring damaging subconscious thought to the foreground, where they What is the meaning and crystal and chakra healing properties of red coral? Social communities are constructed and given meaning in different ways place the child's own contributions and experiences of transitions in the foreground,  30 apr.

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fore·ground /ˈfôrˌground/ verb to make prominent or visible; to bring to the front. We adopt FOREGROUND as a verb, meaning to make prominent  Sep 2, 2020 Foreground, middleground, and background are concepts that apply to many The foreground of a landscape is generally closer to the bottom of the an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites The background is the uniform canvas behind the characters and pictures. Related Terms.